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3 no-guess ways you know it’s time to buy a new deck of playing cards

Posted by Reid Carlberg on

A beautiful deck of cards inspires interaction: a quick shuffle, a game of solitaire, or even a round of euchre or go fish. 

Most of us have a deck of playing cards around somewhere, but a lot of them are uninspiring or — even worse — demotivating. 

Having the right playing cards around increases the likelihood that you and your family will engage in a great offline screen-free experience together. 

Best of all, for less than $20 you can get two or three truly inspiring decks. 

Here are a few signs it’s time to buy a new deck of cards. 

Cards are missing. 

If you can’t find a complete deck of cards to save your life, it’s time to buy a new deck of playing cards. 

In our house, the most common issue is that someone has taken the cards out of the box and one or two failed to make their way back into the box. 

Sure you can substitute a joker in if you must, but it’s better to have a complete deck for any game. 

Cards are damaged. 

Nothing is worse than a card damaged in such a way that your opponent knows what you’re holding. 

A bent corner or small tear is all it takes to turn a fun game of chance and strategy into a question of “who has the 10 of hearts,” reducing fun all around. 

A damaged deck is a deck that’s ready to recycle, or to put into the pile of cards used solely for building. 

You don’t like your current decks

I bought a 12 pack of Lucky poker cards, and I hate each and every one of them: the art is boring, the quality of low and they’re monotonous. I do not want to play with these cards!

Maybe your decks are a 1990s M&M promo deck, something that just feels out of touch. 

There are an inspiring variety of cards readily available today, one of which will grab the attention of anyone in your family. 

TL;DR: you probably need to buy a deck of cards.