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4 Important Questions to Ask Before You Back that Playing Card Deck Kickstarter Campaign

Posted by Reid Carlberg on

I’ve backed 84 different Kickstarter campaigns related to playing cards over the last 2.5 years, and I’ve learned to ask a few important questions.

I'm pretty enthusiastic about backing campaigns -- I love helping people bring their dreams to life -- but I have to remember to look before I leap.

This is especially true for me as I made the decision a while ago to fund my playing card habit by buying and selling extras, an idea that doesn't always work out.

Do I Actually Like This Deck of Playing Cards?

There’s a particular style I’ve come to appreciate: nice but not crazy tucks, customize courts, some fun in the pips.

But there are a lot of decks that use pretty standard courts and pips, or that do very minor customizations, and still want to command a premium price.

Those decks are not for me.

All playing card Kickstarters do a nice job describing and showing images of their actual design, so you should be able to hone in on whether a particular kickstarter is for you.

Will I Actually Use This Deck?

I mostly use playing card decks to — wait for it — play cards.

Most decks are fine for this, but some are downright unplayable.

True story, one of the first decks I bought on a lark in the Walmart clearance aisle was one built around the television show Duck Dynasty.

It's as unplayable as the show is unwatchable!

Other trends that can make decks difficult to play with are modified suits and highly abstract courts.

Am I OK if I Never Sell My Extras?

I often buy more than one deck with the idea that I should be able to sell whatever I don’t use (I really only need one) to fund future purchases.

But I also have A LOT of decks that are now just taking up space, waiting for someone to find them as attractive as I did.

I can usually sell 50% of the decks that I’ve ordered extra of, but it can be difficult to tell which is the right 50%.

Example decks that I love but don't really move: Grandmasters Emerald Princess, Reino de los Muertos, Stronghold.

How Will I Feel if I Never Receive my Backing Rewards?

The vast majority of Kickstarter campaigns I’ve backed have been totally fine.

I’ve had several that have taken a surprisingly long time, but eventually came through.

I have one that I’ve written off at a cost of $198 -- not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but it grates on me.

The fact is that putting together a nice deck of cards can be pretty complicated and sometimes things go wrong with very little recourse for you.

Go Back Some Campaigns!

It’s definitely fun to back playing card related Kickstarters, hope this helps you do so in an informed way.