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4 Reasons Playing Cards are the Best Stocking Stuffers for 2021

Posted by Reid Carlberg on

As Halloween ends, I’m sure we’re not the only house skipping right past Thanksgiving and thinking about Christmas.

And this of course means Christmas stockings, which always, in our house, contain a deck of playing cards.

Playing cards are the perfect stocking stuffers for everyone for a few reasons.

Playing Cards Speak to the Recipient

Playing cards come in a wide variety of themes, and it’s easy to find a theme that the recipient connects with.

This might be space, history, unicorns, dragons or even bourbon.  

Whatever the recipient’s interest, there is a matching deck of playing cards.

Your Gift Tradition Grows with the Recipient

Playing cards come in a nearly endless variety of themes.  

The child who gets Cinderella one year will be ready for something different just a couple of years later — same for adults.

And everyone loves the feeling of a fresh new deck of cards.

Zero Learning Curve

Everyone already knows at least one or two ways to use a deck of playing cards, so a new deck isn’t an obligation.

It’s just a fun and comfortable experience waiting to be tried out.

Playing Cards are Affordable

When you’re on a budget, or just want to squeeze one more gift in without feeling like you’ve broken the budget, a great deck of playing cards isn’t expensive.

You can get a high quality, beautiful, on-theme deck for any recipient, for $10 or less.

There you have it: four reasons a nice deck of playing cards makes the perfect stocking stuffer.