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Angel Themed Playing Cards Deck for Rummy, Golf, Crazy Eights or Any Card Game

Posted by Reid Carlberg on

Angel themed playing cards are always popular, and have been popular for many decades.  The good news is that today's angel themed playing cards are better than ever and they're great for any popular card game, such as Rummy, Golf or Crazy Eights.  (See also 12 card games you should know.)

Archangels from Bicycle

Bicycle brand features two great angel themed playing cards, the first of which is called Archangels.  Produced in cooperation with Theory 11, Archangels features an incredible gold foil embosses tuck that's out of this world. Archangels themselves appear in a wide variety of major religions, so it's not surprising this deck is popular.

Guardians from Bicycle

The second angel themed playing cards deck from Bicycle is called Guardians, and features a variety of guardian angels throughout the design.  Also designed in conjunction with Theory 11, this deck includes a fantastic black and white 2-way back with very tradition angels looking out for your luck. For more on Guardian angels you should check out the wikipedia article, where, for example, you'll see these emerged in the 5th century.  Pretty amazing!

Alis Luminis Luxury Playing Cards

Alis Luminis is a winged creature playing card deck featuring some pretty glorious angels as part of the fun.  This was a 2019 Kickstarter what delivered in the middle of 2020, pandemic and all.  The tuck features a really amazing gold on blue design that completely pops, and the producers even created a Alis Luminis dealer's coin to go with it.  It's a pretty great deck. The Kickstarter was originally funded at about $20,000, which makes it a pretty decent campaign.

An Angel's Own Playing Cards

Last but not least on the current list of incredible angel playing card decks is An Angel's Own Playing Cards from Bloodstone Studios. This full transformation deck features an original drawing of a cabalistic angel on every card.  The tuck is boring, but the cards are an incredible achievement.  This 2021 Kickstarter was very successful, raising about $36,000.  The paired deck here is A Devil's Own Playing Cards.