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Euchre Night 1, Hand 1, Zero to Zero

Posted by Reid Carlberg on

Let’s take a look at an example Euchre hand and see how it plays out.  How would you play this?  Do you agree with the players’ decisions? Some pros and cons of this approach in the analysis at the end.

Team A is Player #1 & #3, Team B is player #2 and #4.

The Hands

P1: 10♦️ K♠️ 9♠️ 10♣️ K♦️
P2: J♥️ 9♣️ A♠️ K♥️ Q♣️
P3: 10♠️ J♣️ 10♥️ K♣️ A♣️
P4: J♠️ Q♠️ A♥️ A♦️ Q♦️

Deciding Trump

P4 dealt.  9♥️ is up.

P1 has nothing worthwhile and passes.

P2 is 3 suited, but has the J♥️ and K♥️ and so orders up the 9♥️, ♥️ is trump, Team B called it.  It’s an aggressive move.  P4 discards the Q♦️.

The Play

P1 leads 10♣️.
P2 plays Q♣️.
P3 plays A♣️.
P4 plays 9♥️.

P4 / Team B takes trick. 

P4 leads A♦️
P1 plays 10♦️
P2 plays 9♣️
P3 plays 10♥️

P3 / Team A takes trick 

P3 leads K♣️
P4 plays A♥️
P1 plays 9♠️
P2 plays A♠️

P4 / Team B takes trick

P4 leads J♠️
P1 plays K♠️
P2 plays K♥️
P3 plays 10♠️

P2 / Team B takes trick 

P2 leads right bower J♥️
P3 plays J♣️
P4 plays Q♠️
P1 plays K♦️

P2 / Team B takes trick and hand 4 to 1, scoring 1 point.


P2 didn’t have a super strong hand, but benefitted from the J♦️ left bower and Q♥️ being hidden and P4’s strong A♥️ A♦️ combo.  P3 could have just as easily had that combo and the hand would have played out quite differently.

If P2 had not ordered up the 9♥️, P3 would have "likely" called ♣️ as trump and Team A would have taken the hand.  Likely in quotes because they really should call ♣️ with a jack-king-ace combo

P1 could have also lead turn 1 with a 9♠️ which would have results in P2 taking the trick instead of P4.  Team B would have still had the trick but the right bower J♥️ would have come out earlier.  When P2 won the next turn, would they feel confident they could play the K♥️, with the left bower J♦️ MIA?