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Euchre Night 1, Hand 2, Zero to One

Posted by Reid Carlberg on

Here's an example Euchre hand, the second of a game (first), let's see how it plays out.  Do you agree with the analysis and strategy?

Team A is Player #1 & #3, Team B is player #2 and #4.

The Deal

Player 1 Deals

Q♠️ is up.

P2: J♥️ 9♥️ A♣️ J♠️ K♣️
P3: Q♣️ Q♦️ K♥️ J♣️ 10♦️
P4: 9♦️ A♥️ 9♠️ Q♥️ 9♣️
P1: J♦️ K♦️ 10♠️ 10♥️ A♦️

P2 passes, P3 passes, P4 passes, P1 turns down the Q♠️

Team B / P2 calls ♣️ clubs as trump.

The Play

P2 leads 9♥️
P3 plays K♥️
P4 plays A♥️
P1 plays 10♥️

Team B / P4 takes the trick

P4 leads 9♦️
P1 plays A♦️
P2 plays K♣️
P3 plays 10♦️

Team B / P2 takes the trick

P2 lead A♣️
P3 plays J♣️
P4 plays 9♣️
P1 plays 10♠️

Team A / P3 takes the trick

P3 leads Q♦️
P4 plays 9♠️
P1 plays J♦️
P2 plays J♠️

Team B / P2 takes the trick

P2 leads 9♥️
P3 plays Q♣️
P4 plays Q♥️
P1 plays K♦️

Team B / P4 takes the tricks

Team B takes the hand 4 to 1 and scores 1 point, making this game zero to two.


Really P2 had no choice but to call clubs ♣️, with three of the highest cards and being two suited. In fact, although the 10♣️ was hidden, if P2 had it instead of the J♠️ left bower, the game would have turned out exactly the same.  P2 simply had a strong hand.

Had the choice made it's way all the way back to P1, which really was never going to happen, trump would have been diamonds ♦️ and again the game would have turned out very differently.

P3 and P4 were four suited and destined to just follow along, c'est la vie. P4 in particular, I feel for you.