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Euchre Night 1, Hand 3, Zero to Two

Posted by Reid Carlberg on

The Demo Euchre Game So Far

Team B (Player #2 and #4) has won both hands so far, one because of aggression, the other because of a good deal.  Let's see if Team A (Player #1 and #3) can get on the board tonight! 

The Deal

P2 deals, 9♠️ is up.

P3 passes, P4 orders it up, spades ♠️ is trump. P2 discards 9♦️ and the hands look like this:

P1: J♦️ K♥️ Q♥️ 10♣️ K♠️
P2: 9♥️ 9♠️ J♣️ A♣️ K♣️
P3: J♠️ A♦️ Q♣️ Q♦️ A♥️
P4: 10♠️ Q♠️ A♠️ J♥️ K♦️

The Play

P3 leads with J♠️
P4 plays 10♠️
P1 plays K♠️
P2 plays 9♠️

Team A / P3 takes the trick

P3 leads with A♥️
P4 plays J♥️
P1 plays Q♥️
P2 plays 9♥️

Team A / P3 takes the trick

P3 leads with A♦️
P4 plays K♦️
P1 plays J♦️
P2 plays J♣️

Team B / P2 takes the trick

P2 leads with A♣️
P3 plays Q♣️
P4 plays Q♠️
P1 plays 10♣️

Team B / P4 takes the trick

P4 leads with A♠️
P1 plays K♥️
P2 plays K♣️
P3 plays Q♦️

Team B / P4 takes the trick

Team B wins the hand 3 tricks to 2 scoring 1 point.

Game 1 score is currently Zero (Team A) to Three (Team B)


Team B / P4 again showed the benefit of declaring trump aggressively.  P4 was three-suited with lower quality cards, so this was definitely a risk.  If P3 had one more higher quality spade, the game would have ended very differently.

If P4 hadn't have ordered up the 9♠️,  P1 and P2 would have passed, turned the card down. P3 had nothing trump worthy, P4 would have been kicking themselves for not ordering up the 9♠️. P1 would have most likely declared hearts ♥️ and taken the hand with the help of P3's A♥️.

Aggression is paying off for Team B so far, let's hope Team A gets a chance to get on the board next round.