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Euchre Night 1, Hand 4, Zero to Three

Posted by Reid Carlberg on

The Game So Far

Team B (players 2 & 4) are off to a commanding lead over Team A (players 1 & 3).  In two out of three hands this is because of aggressive game play.  Let's see if Team A can get on the board this hand.

The Deal

P3 deals this hand. A♣️ is up.

P4 passes. P1 orders it up. Clubs ♣️ is trump. P3 discard and the hands look like this:

P1: 10♦️ Q♦️ 10♣️  Q♣️ K♣️
P2: 9♣️ 10♠️ 9♦️ 10♥️ Q♥️
P3: A♣️ Q♠️ K♠️ J♦️ K♦️
P4: J♣️ A♠️ A♥️ J♥️ 9♥️

The Play

P4 obviously leads with the right J♣️
P1 plays 10♣️
P2 plays 9♣️
P3 plays A♣️

P4 wins the trick

P4 leads with the A♠️
P1 plays Q♣️
P2 plays 10♠️
P3 plays Q♠️

P1 wins the trick

P1 leads, riskily, with the K♣️
P2 plays 9♦️
P3 plays J♦️
P4 plays 9♥️

P1 wins the trick

P1 leads with a 10♦️
P2 plays 10♥️
P3 plays the K♦️
P4 plays the J♥️

P3 wins the trick

P3 leads with K♠️
P4 plays A♥️
P1 plays Q♦️
P2 plays Q♥️

P3 wins the last trick, scoring this hand 4 tricks to 1. 

The score is now Team A: 1 and Team B: 3


P1 took a risk ordering up the A♣️.  It was not a terrible risk given that P1 was two suited and had 3 ♣️.  It's the two suited nature of P1's hand that helped Team A come out on top.

Had P1 not taken the risk, P2 would have passed, P3 would have passed, and P4 would have taken commanding control of the board by calling hearts ♥️.  It's possible that P4 would have taken all the tricks, although it's likely P1 would have stopped them.