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Euchre Night 1, Hand 5, One to Three

Posted by Reid Carlberg on

Well Team A (players 1 & 3) finally got on the board with a four tricks to one hand but Team B (players 2 & 4) have a nice lead.  Both teams are showing aggressive gameplay, which always makes for a more interesting Euchre night.  

The first hand is here. Example hands of Euchre are the best ways to learn.

The Deal

P4 has the deal and this hand is played with Stargazer Nebula cards.  Queen ♥️ is up.

P1 passes. P2 passes. P3 passes. P4 picks it up, hearts ♥️ is trump.

The hands now look like this:

P1: 10♥️ Q♦️ K♦️ A♦️ K♠️
P2: 9♠️ 10♠️ A♠️ Q♣️ K♣️ 
P3: 9♦️ J♦️ K♥️ J♣️ Q♠️
P4: 9♥️ Q♥️ J♥️ A♣️ 0♣️

P2 will be of little help to P4, except that A♠️ may be all they need to eek out a win.  P4 has a reasonable strong hand.

The Play

P1 leads with A♦️
P2 plays 9♠️
P3 plays 9♦️
P4 plays 9♥️

Team B / P4 takes the trick

P4 leads with J♥️
P1 plays 10♥️
P2 plays 10♠️
P3 plays K♥️

Team B / P4 takes the trick

P4 leads with A♣️
P1 plays Q♦️
P2 plays Q♣️
P3 plays J♣️

Team B / P4 takes the trick

P4 leads with 9♣️
P1 plays K♦️
P2 plays K♣️
P3 plays J♦️

Team A / P3 takes the trick

P3 leads with Q♠️
P4 plays Q♥️
P1 plays K♠️
P2 plays A♠️

Team B / P4 takes the trick and the hand (four tricks to one), score is now Team A one point and Team B four points.


Team A had very little going for it this hand. P1 was 3 suited, P3 was 4.  Team B's player 4 didn't have to work that hard to take at least 3 tricks, the only real question was when to play the A♣️ and the Q