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How to Ship a Deck of Cards

Posted by Reid Carlberg on

How Shuffle & Roll Ships Playing Cards

We generally use all new Indestro style mailers from Uline.  This adds to our shipping costs, but it protects your cards.  We will sometimes use priority mail flat rate boxes as well when a particular shipment justifies it.  We use a variety of packaging material, including re-using bubble wrap that came to us in good condition.  Our most important consideration is that your decks of cards arrive in the same pristine condition they left Colorado.

Other Ways to Ship Decks of Playing Cards

I buy a fair number of cards and have been amazed at the apparent difficulty in sending such a seaming simple package.  I will sometimes receive 60+ year old unopened decks of cards in a use amazon bubble mailer.  Was this fine?  I have no idea.  When someone is 60 years old it generally has a little wear and tear, but it's impossible to save where it came from.  I love the re-use, but I would like a stronger outer container.

Do Not Ship Cards This Way

The biggest danger to a shipment of cards is empty space in whatever it's being shipped in.  For example,  if you ship a brick in a much larger box, and don't fill the empty space with sufficient packaging, you will likely see bend corners or other damage on the cards themselves.

The Funny Thing Kickstarters Do

Kickstarter campaigns are often attempting to keep their costs low, and will use the free priority mail packaging from the USPC to make this happen.  If I buy a brick, for example, it will often come in two small flat rate boxes contained in a flat rate envelop.  They are using priority mail postage, so this should be fine, but that is a lot of packaging for sure.