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Learn 3 Cardistry Moves In Under an Hour With Any Deck of Playing Cards

Posted by Reid Carlberg on

Playing card games is fun, but sometimes it's even more fun to just play with the cards themselves. 

Cardistry is the Art of Playing with Cards. 

You have for sure seen some amazing cardists in your life, on YouTube or TikTok. They move their cards all over the place and make even the most basic moves feel magical. 

The amazing thing is that you too can learn many of these moves.  I'm a fellow traveler on this journey and can say without hesitation that it has increased my personal enjoyment of playing cards. 

The first time you do one of these successfully feels amazing.  You won't always succeed -- playing some version of 52 pickup is part of the fun -- but soon enough you will feel pretty good about your handiwork.

1. Charlier Cut

The Charlier Cut is the one handed cut that looks so awesome when you see a professional do it.  It's definitely something you can learn in under an hour, and then you get the joy of practicing it as often as you like. There are a lot of great tutorials.  I like this one for it's straightforward simplicity.

2. Two Handed Flourishes

These are a fun way of manipulating sections of a deck.  These sections are called packets, and the foundation for all of these moves is 100% something you can learn in under an hour.  I like the following tutorial for its simplicity and repeatability, while also showing some fancy moves.

3. The Faro Shuffle

OK, with the above two foundations out of the way, I'm proud to introduce the move that I'm currently most obsessed with practicing.  This is that super cool shuffle where you press two packets of cards together, weaving the cards together one by one, and then use one hand to finish the shuffle.  It is so much fun!!  I like this tutorial because it emphasizes the counter-intuitive need for a light touch.

Get Practicing

The only way to start down this path is to stop thinking and start trying.  You won't be perfect, who cares.  You will feel somewhat proficient pretty quickly, and it feels great!