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Stargazer Playing Card Series Makes a Great Gift For Girls or Boys Interested in Space

Posted by Reid Carlberg on

Finding the right gift for a girl or boy interested in space and playing cards can be a challenge.  Fortunately, a great card company, Bicycle, has released a series of fantastic decks which are both fun to play and space themed.

Introducing the Stargazer series.  These five playing card decks make a great gift for any kid, boy or girl, or even the adult friend in your life who enjoys a fun surprise.  

Here are the five decks in the Stargazer series:

You can also find the complete Stargazer Set which includes all 5 decks.

All of the Stargazer decks feature a dark mode format, with light printing on a space dark background, and each has a unique design built around the theme.

Other Space Themed Decks

Space is a popular topic, and you might also enjoy the Constellation decks which are constructed around the zodiac.

Although it's out of stock, the Space 1969 deck also from DeckIdea is a great example of a fun space themed deck.