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Top 5 Bicycle Specialty Decks of Playing Cards You Should Have At Home

Posted by Reid Carlberg on

If you're like most people, you have some old decks of cards sitting around that you don't even know whether they are complete. Having a good set of playing card decks at home makes it easier to play cards either by yourself or with family and friends.  Bicycle has some great decks that are both affordable and awesome.  Let's take a look at the top 5.  And I'm going to end with some more reasons Bicycle Cards are a great add to your collection.

#5: Dark Mode

The Bicycle Dark Mode Playing Card Deck is a great way to spice up a game of cards.  In addition to being a black background deck, the colors are green and blue instead of black and red. The circuitboard design on the back the cards is very modern, and every card in this deck is unique. 

#4: Sea King

The Bicycle Sea King Playing Card Deck is one of the greatest values in the world of popular playing cards today. The tuck features a copper foil embossing that is out of this world.  The Sea King himself is printed in an incredible aqua and dark blue on the back of every card. And the cards combine a traditional look and feel with a very beautiful adaptation of the color scheme and design across every card.

#3: Aureo.

No, not Oreo, although they're awesome too.  Bicycle Aureo Playing Cards.  Aureo is an incredible deck that is not only fun to play, it's a great conversation piece focused on the divine proportion and our favorite renaissance thinker, Leonardo Da Vinci.  And not only does the deck celebrate all this, it includes an educational card where you, the card player, can read about the basics of the Golden proportion and Da Vinci himself. Incredible blending of traditional card design with a modern color scheme makes this deck playable and beautiful. Check out Aureo Black as well!

#2: Stargazers

An incredible first entry into the Stargazers series, the Bicycle Stargazer Playing Card Deck is another dark mode style deck with cards that really pop.  The infinite Milky Way swirl on the back sets the stage for a visually stunning and completely unique color scheme complete with custom pips and courts that remind me of the constellation outlines you see whenever you hit your local planetarium.  The silver-foiled case really starts things off right.

#1: Aviary

I thought a little too long about which one I wanted to see first in this list, and the Bicycle Aviary Playing Cards deck landed on top. Although the case is colorful, it doesn't include any foils or embossing.  Instead, the reason Aviary is my #1 recommendation is that it's super fun. The pips have a design within a design, and the custom designed courts features sweet little bird motifs that are just delightful.  

Standard Features of Bicycle Cards You Will Love

  • Classic Air-Cushion ® Finish
  • Easy shuffling and optimum slide performance
  • Printed with non-toxic, plant-based inks
  • Fully customized suits, faces, and card back
  • Fully recyclable playing cards and tuck package
  • Perfect for Game Nights, Cardistry, Magic, and Playing Card Collections
  • Made in the USA