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Two Beautiful Decks That Connect the Worlds of Playing Cards and Art

Posted by Reid Carlberg on

I often characterize playing cards as little pieces of affordable art you can play with.  Here are a couple of examples, each available in two versions.

Deck #1: Aureo from Bicycle.

Deck #2: Shantell Martin from Theory 11.

Deck #1, Aureo is fun because it reminds the player to learn or maybe re-learn about the artist, mathematician, inventor and general Renaissance man about town Leonardo da Vinci. 

Yes, da Vinci painted The Mona Lisa in the early 1500’s, but he also illustrated and thought about the the Golden Mean, or Golden Ratio, the naturally occurring aesthetically pleasing ratio which has fascinated everyone from the Ancient Greek mathematician Euclid to our good friend Salvador Dali. 

The deck brings this work on the Golden Ratio into focus with a tuck that truly pops, beautiful custom courts, and explanatory card for the curious, and more.

Deck #2, Shantell Martin, is distinctly modern.  A collaboration between Martin, The Whitney Museum of Art and Theory 11, these cards 

Martin was new to me when I first added these to the store, but as I’ve poked around the internet it’s been fascinating to discover both her medium — black on white drawings on large format canvases — and the performative nature of her art — she often does the drawings in real time.

Each card is completely custom drawn by Martin and the courts are re-imagine in her style. These two decks are a great way to introduce modern art as part of your game night conversation.