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Alice in Wonderland Luxury Playing Cards

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I love this deck and highly recommend it.  It's pretty difficult to find these days, tho.

For me, this deck is all about the clean lines and delightful surprises. The card that just say, "Drink me." The Mad Hatter. The White Rabbit. It's beautiful, light, airy and fun. It hasn't gone out of its way to look like a painting, or to seem as if it wasn't a digital first production. And it's eminently playable, as long as you aren't getting distracted by the art.

The tuck is also beautiful. With printing inside and out, and some super fun details on the sides and top, it's great on its own. Mine don't have any limited edition seal numbers, etc., but the KS rewards section suggests there were some prototype decks as well, so maybe those are more limited.

The artist, Sasha Dounaevski, doesn't appear to have any other decks to her credit and she doesn't call out playing cards as a specialty.  But maybe she should.