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Bicycle 1885 Playing Cards

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All New 1885 Playing Cards Celebratory Verse

Nineteenth century
Invention fills every street
Quality, always

1885 Was a Busy Year

Sinclair Lewis and Exra Pound were born. Dr. Pepper was served for the first time.  The Statue of Liberty arrived in New York Harbor. Ulysses S Grant died. The Dow Jones Industrial Average started.  And, of course, the Bicycle brand of playing cards was born.  (What else happened?  Read all about it!)

Living History

The Bicycle brand of playing cards came about in 1885.  How many brands have actually been around that long?  These beautiful cards are a fantastic connection to the United States Playing Card Company's storied past. This deck is a beautiful celebration of that history.

Bicycle Themed Throughout

This deck goes beyond the brand, though, and integrates gears and chains and other cycling motifs throughout the art.  It even includes a great card that talks through why USPCC chose "Bicycle" for the brand name in the first place.

A Classic Look & Feel

The courts, although decorated with bits and pieces of bikes, are straight out of 100 years ago, but cleaned up and easier to look at, perfect playing whatever game you like.  The feel is the air cushion linen finish.  And to top it all off the case is practically swimming in a gold metallic foil that really makes this deck shine.