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Bicycle American Flag Playing Cards

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Celebrate the Stars and Stripes with Playing Cards

This great deck has a number of great features.  The pips have a special star cut out that's very unique, the cards are weathered (similar to the Dead Man's Deck) and the court cards have a definite old timey feel.  You might also enjoy the Land That I Love deck.  This deck is of course made in America!

This is a Great Holiday Deck of Playing Cards

Of course this deck is appropriate for the Fourth of July Independence Day holiday, but it's also great for Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, Armistice Day and many more.  The National Flag Foundation has a great list of flag appropriate holidays.  One of the great things about cards is that you can match them to the occasion, and why not bring a little celebration of America to your next card game?

How to Respect the Flag

You can find the full text in the US code here for how to respect a flag -- and it's worth a read.  The designers of this deck have done a nice job with these guidelines.  One of my favorite guidelines is this: "The flag should never have words, designs or any other mark drawn or attached to it. It is not respectful to “get creative” and make new art from a US flag."  We do not need a new flag, and when you want to use a flag, you should stick with the red, white and blue.