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Bicycle Aureo Green & Gold Playing Cards

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Opening Haiku

Da Vinci knew it
Ours minds understand beauty
Everywhere, patterns.

Beautiful Math & Beautiful Playing Cards

Bicycle Aureo celebrates the golden ratio, with a sweet shout out to da Vinci in the joker spot. Dark green tuck with gold embossing is a nice touch.  The Golden Ration is 1:0.61803398875 and you can read about it in detail over at the WikiP.  This is one of many naturally occurring math delights.  If you really want to blow your mind you should read about the Fibonacci sequence too!

The Game Within the Game

One of the best parts about having several decks of playing cards around is that you get to pick the one that matches your mood.  When you pick the right one, you get to think about the deck while you think about the game.  Many of the rare and unusual cards on this site offer a great deal to talk about in addition to great game play!

Leonardo da Vinci and Playing Cards

Although there are several decks that pay homage to the great master, there is little historical record about da Vinci's own personal interest in playing cards.  Da Vinci lived in Italy from 1452 to 1519, and is widely regarded as the ideal High Renaissance man.  Note, "One very famous piece, known as the Mona Lisa, painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, is drawn according to the golden ratio. The golden ratio is 1:0.618 and has been coined golden because it is said to be aesthetically pleasing. The golden proportion can be found throughout the human body."