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Avengers Premium Playing Cards by Theory 11

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Chapter 1

Complex universe
Mysterious characters
Endings multiply

Complete Stand Out

This incredible deck feature bright purple holographic embossing on the tuck and a complete universe of heroes inside.  100% worthy of the Avengers franchise, and you won't believe how beautiful the purple is until you see it in person.

All Your Favorites

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Maybe, for example, you don’t remember Captain America, but I bet you do. This is a great crossover adaptation between tradition two way court cards and this well known comic book storyline. His costume follows all of the design traditions you’d see on a traditional king, while being unique and special.

I also want to compliment the artists on including a diverse array of characters. We see too few black courts on “standard” decks and that’s a real shame. Although the custom playing card movement continues to create and deliver and incredible array of themes, all quote standard decks are pretty white. Mildly interesting BuzzFeed list here.

The style on these cards reminds me of the original Star Wars decks T11 did, which are all great as well. The courts may be custom and non-standard, but they’re clean and eminently playable. The Avengers don’t take over cards so much as compliment them.


Let’s not forget the gorgeous purple tuck. Yes, that appears to be a holographic foil it’s embossed with. It’s bright and shiny and happy, even if, let’s face it, our movie heroes often find themselves in a bit of trouble. How this crew continues to function after all the emotional & physical trauma is beyond me. I guess this is why they’re heroes.