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Provision Deck of Premium Playing Cards, Celebrate Philadelphia

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Catalog Text: It's All About Philadelphia

"It's been called the birthplace of America. Dating back to 1682, Philadelphia is a city with a history and culture unlike any other. Provision Playing Cards are a monument to the city's past and a tribute to its present."  Founded by William Penn as a special place for his fellow Quakers.

About This Premium Deck of Playing Cards

Unusual deck with a snake motif woven throughout. And not just any snake -- to my eyes this is a pit viper, full of venom.  Pennsylvania has three known species of venomous snakes: the Eastern Copperhead, the Timber Rattlesnake, and the Eastern Massasauga (see all of the Pennsylvania snakes here).

Beautiful custom courts and pips.  High quality product with unique art to match, and a great manufacturing technique.