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Very Rare The GRAND Silver Allure GILDED Cold Foil Luxury Playing Cards

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Amazing Deck from a Leading Designer

Very rare version of this amazing deck, only 250 of this special gilded version created and release only on Kickstarter. 

    Inspired by the Roaring Twenties

    You walk into the big hall of the Grand Hotel, and immediately you're surrounded by a jolly crowd, dancing and singing to the cheerful music, rich with the tones of a saxophone. The air is full of the intoxicating smell of perfumes, sound of clinking champagne glasses, the crystal chandeliers, and the glistening of shiny attires worn by the cheering group of young party-goers. That is exactly the atmosphere of The Grand Playing cards, made in two dazzling versions inspired by the shiny world of the Great Gatsby: The Golden Glamour and The Silver Allure. Grab a glass of champagne, and get lost in the dancing world of the ’20s.